It is my pleasure to provide the highest recommendation of TOCCOA Security and Consulting for safety and security training. As a combat-trained Viet Nam veteran, prior law enforcement, 20 years experience in healthcare administration, and now as an individual and family counselor, I have come to fully appreciate their tactical and people-focused skills, as well as the excellent value of their services. In the age in which we live, I believe that safety and security training is a fundamental need for any business or service entity that has access to, or that can be accessed by, the general public.

The TOCCOA team is extremely good at their trade. I have personally learned a great deal from them, and those I've referred to Tocooa, have consistently given the content, practicality and professionalism of the classes, very high marks.

Jim Evans MHA, MS - Community Christian Counseling, Inc. Terre Haute, IN

For several years, employees had been requesting Self Defense classes as part of our Wellness Program. I looked into it but was never able to find a reasonable option…..until I learned of Toccoa Consulting.

Jeff and Angel were great to work with and came on location to teach multiple classes over the course of a month. They even allowed employees to bring friends and family members. Lasting approx. 2.5hrs, each class was very informative and included hands on practice of the self-defense skills. All participants even received a written summary of everything covered in class to allow for continued practice. I have gotten nothing but positive feedback from employees who participated!

Dana Morlan, RN Health & Wellness Coordinator - Union Medical Group

I reached out to Mr. Jeffrey Lee at TOCCOA Consulting and Security earlier this year because I feel that to ensure a safe work environment, you must empower employees to do the right thing in a moment of crisis. TOCCOA Consulting provided self-defense classes to Union Hospital and UAP Clinic employees and their families throughout the month of April 2016.

Toccoa Consulting did an excellent job providing the classes. They were very knowledgeable in the area of self-defense and used teaching techniques that made each class informative and fun. Their communication skills were outstanding, so the techniques were easy to remember and use in a confrontation. Our employees have given positive feedback about their services and I believe our work environment will be safer after providing these classes.

Marilyn Byrd, Health Advocate Nurse Supervisor - Union Hospital, Inc