In 2017 - ”118 Violent deaths (homicides, suicides and killed) in one year is the worst violence ever seen in America concerning faith-based organizations. Yet many still say, "It won't happen here."

Carl Chinn,

Interfaith Security Services

Churches and religious institutions in the United States are experiencing a rapid increase of violence. Causes of church violence nationwide are being attributed to domestic and family violence, robbery, mental illness, civil unrest and terrorism. High-profile cases have made headlines in recent months which highlight a reality that violence in churches isn't unusual. A recent report on church violence shows that over the last five years DFI’s (deadly force incidents) average 79 per year in the U.S. Considering these unfortunate statistics, and violent attacks that have occurred in America’s churches, the task of developing a safety and security plan can be overwhelming. When you hire a safety & security consultant, professional experience, background and work ethos is key to a successful outcome.

At TOCCOA Security & Consulting, our team of skilled professionals bring decades of experience in law enforcement, executive protection, national security, intelligence and the U.S. armed forces. More importantly, our team at TOCCOA Security Consulting is a group of believers. We have developed curriculum from our own professional experiences within churches, from the perspectives of clergyman, church leadership, lay persons, and church security officials. Our specialized training programs for clergy, church staff and volunteers, focus on how to deal with emotionally charged and violent situations that can occur. We offer practical, easy to learn, highly effective programs specifically for those serving your congregation and protecting your resources.

TOCCOA Security & Consulting desires to help you create a tailored security and safety plan that is specific to your churches security needs. Contact a member of our team about the church security services that you require, and we will work with you on a custom training solution.

What We Offer

TOCCOA Security & Consulting offers unique services and custom training, as well as, church security-related products that are technologically advanced, user and budget-friendly.

The key components of our services focus on five key areas: Prevention, Protection, Mitigation, Response, and Recovery. We achieve these by conducting threat assessments, safety procedure assessments, developing crisis response plans, developing emergency management plans, establishing response teams, developing your church safety training protocols and training exercises. Knowing what you need to reduce risk and to protect your assets requires a willingness to recognize your vulnerabilities.

Site Threat Assessments / Assessments of Church Safety Procedures

  • The TOCCOA Threat Assessment service identifies and ranks the vulnerabilities of your security plan, your physical assets and extra-curricular events. Our threat assessments also identify the possibilities in reducing consequences and improving your ability to manage future incidents.

Church Security Teams

  • The TOCCOA Security & Consulting team is comprised of personnel from around the United States who have worldwide experiences in protecting both human and physical assets. We can assist you in training personnel to meet your church security needs.

Crisis Management & Response

  • Our team will review all safety and security policies and procedures in place, including crisis response and event protocols. We will evaluate all security, emergency action/incident plans, as well as post-incident response procedures. Our goal is to develop more effective methods to execute emergency procedures, through routine training and accessible reference material

Emergency Management Planning

  • Emergency Management training helps you to be prepared and avoid reactive responses. Fear, anxiety and missteps can be significantly reduced when your church routinely addresses emergency procedures. TOCCOA will assist you in writing an effective Emergency Operations Plan (EOP).

Active Shooter Training

  • According to the FBI, in 63 incidents where the duration of the incident could be ascertained, 44 (69.8%) of 63 incidents ended in 5 minutes or less, with 23 ending in 2 minutes or less. The Department of Homeland Security reports the average Law Enforcement response time to an active shooter event is 18 minutes. Even when law enforcement was present or able to respond within a few minutes, staff/students/teachers often had to make life and death decisions. Active Shooter training is critical and church staff, personnel and congregation alike need to engage in training and discussions on active shooter scenarios.

What We Do

TOCCOA Security & Consulting is an Indiana-based company, and was formed with the purpose of keeping our clients safe and protected. We understand that no two congregations have the same issues or concerns. We provide creative and professional security solutions that are designed specifically for each congregation’s unique needs.